Proven Education

Proven Education

Founded in leading pedagogical research, Dibber provides early childhood education and care service that involves all aspects of a child’s social, emotional, physical and cognitive development.

Dibber's teaching is shaped by the Norwegian curriculum, considered among the most respected and progressive in the world, topping international rankings for literacy, mathematics, creativity and confidence.

Our 3 learning principals, are underpinned by extensive research and experience from our 500+ kindergartens:

  • Playful Learning - through movement and experiences
  • Interaction - with peers and role-model adults
  • Mastering - guidance, repetition, perseverance and achievement

Meet our Learning Friends

Our Learning Friends focuses on each subject within our pedagogical tree.



Hearty-Howard is keen to say many kind words to those he sees around him and who he spends time with. He also enjoys holding hands and giving a «handhug» while we say things we are happy about. Hearty-Howard is red, as is all of the Heart Program material.



Woody-Woo is happy taking trips, he is keen to experience nature with all of his senses and he wonder-struck over everything he sees and experiences. He asks many questions which also get children to marvel. Sometimes he encourages all the children to close their eyes and just hear the sounds of nature, other times he will just look and observe with his eyes. Woody-Woo can also tell kids about fun-packed adventures inside the pre-school. Woody-Woo is green as is all of the Nature learning material.


Jumping-Jack is always moving and joins in every day when something is going on. He wants children to be active and stay healthy. One of his favourite activities is when children plan games and activities for their classmates and parents.  Sometimes Jumping-Jack wears a chef’s hat. He wears it to show the children that he wants them to help gather ingredients, prepare vegetables and experience a lot of different healthy flavours. 



Colour-Paletta loves colours and encouraing children to get creative in lots of different ways. Music, dance and art are among her favourite things and she loves to hear us sing and play with coloured dice or magical silk scarves.  Colour-Paletta believes that if we sing, dance and paint together, we will be happier together, and she likes to use rhythm and music for acting and storytelling.



Counting-Connie counts everything she sees! She loves to count forwards and backwards and is always around when its time for maths. She likes arranging things and measuring, and is always encouraging the children to get involved. She also loves to measure and weigh all sorts of things in the kitchen.  Counting-Connie knows that children that love playing with numbers will grow into wonderful mathmeticians!



Play-Penny is a lively friend and full of fun and ideas. She wants children to play and explore every day, both indoors and outdoors, to stimulate curiosity and learning.  Penny likes to invents fun ways to play and believes that any kind of learning can be exciting if we use all our senses.  Role play is one of her favourite activities. She loves that, with her imagination, we can change almost anything into something magical.  



Rhyming-Roger loves reading, rhymes and riddles, and knows that encouraging children to read – in English and Chinese – inspires new words and expressions. Rhyming-Roger cares a great deal about how we communicate with one another. He wants us to be positive when we talk, and he loves a good conversation. One of Rhyming-Roger’s favourite activity is diving into a good book. Dibber children do lots of reading!